Herrajes y Acabados
Metalicos S.A de C.V.

Who we are

Herrajes y Acabados Metálicos S.A. de C.V ( HAMSA ) was established in 1960. Our first products were small stamped brackets with various surface finishes for the electric and other industries. We also manufactured ring binder mechanisms for school and office use.

Since 1964, Hamsa entered the, in that time, new Mexican Automotive Industry as a supplier of stamped parts. At the beginning we made only small brackets and small assemblies for that market, but to date, we have an extensive line of stamped products and assemblies.

Today, our production is 100 % dedicated to the Automotive Industry. Our main customers are OEMs that operate both in Mexico and abroad, mainly in USA, but we serve the markets of other countries as well, such as Japan, Brazil, Russia and Spain.

Hamsa is a company that has proudly grown thanks to the trust of our clients and adequate performance in quality, price and service. As the automotive industry is a globally leading industry, in manufacturing systems and processes, quality and delivery, in Hamsa we make every effort to keep up with the rhythm of our customers.


We put special emphasis on training our staff. We train our operators and staff in order to be able be proactive and have the ability to solve the problems of a company in continuous movement.

Our goal is that problems are satisfactorily solved as soon as possible and by the people closest to the process, in a harmonious teamwork environment.

Continuous improvement is an effort sustained by the people and the culture of our company.




In Hamsa , we make every effort to keep up with the rhythm of our customers..


Norte 45 #899
45 North # 899, Industrial Vallejo, Atzcapotzalco , 02300
Mexico City , DF


+52 (55) 5368 1255